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Egypt Tour Packages

Ibis Egypt Tours offer the best Egypt Tour Packages that make your trip to Egypt is unforgettable with many great things to do in Egypt, choose your tour package from the categories of our Egypt Tour Packages. We have a variety of categories to suit all people whether you are a solo traveler, couples, family, or even a large group you can choose your tour to Egypt from Egypt Classic Tours, Egypt Luxury Tours, Honeymoon Packages, Solo Traveler Tours or you can choose your trip to Egypt according to your nationality, also don't forget to check our special offers on Egypt Tours 2019 that continue throughout the year.

Egypt Tour Packages will let you experience many wonderful things you can do in Egypt. When you book one of our Egypt Tour Packages, you will enjoy visiting the best tourist attractions in various places, for example, you can visit the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, the Citadel of Salah al-Din, Islamic CairoCoptic Cairo and other places in Cairo. In Luxor and Aswan you will enjoy sailing on the Nile River on the Nile Cruise and see the temples and picturesque Pharaonic monuments that flock to millions of visitors throughout the year such as Luxor TempleKarnak Temple, Hatshepsut Temple, and Abu Simbel and Philae Temple and Kom Ombo and other Pharaonic monuments.

Don't skimp on yourself by adding something memorable to your Egypt Tour packages during your holiday in Egypt with many amazing activities, such as relaxing and enjoying the touch of beauty of the Red Sea during our holiday offers in Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh or Marsa Alam.

Classic Egypt Tours will take you back to Egypt's ancient history and top attractions, explore the best Classic Egypt Tour Packages from Ibis Egypt Tours to Egypt's most famous sights such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, the Saqqara Pyramid and Egypt's Islamic and Coptic monuments. Besides, you will have an amazing adventure in Luxor during valuable visits to the temples of Karnak, Luxor Temple, Temple of Hatshepsut, Valley of the Kings and others. You will touch the beauty of Aswan by spending some nights out and our trips to Philae Temple and the unfinished obelisk, and explore exciting secrets while visiting the Abu Simbel Temple. Also enjoy the glorious discoveries of the Greco-Roman era, experience Coptic and Islamic civilization while visiting Old Cairo and more with Classic Egypt Tours packages.

Unleash your inner adventurer while scout around the gleaming finds of Egypt and Jordan in one package, with Egypt and Jordan Tours, allow yourself to be pampered with plenty of Egypt and Jordan Combined Tours which designed to feast your eyes with the glory of Petra, Wadi Rum, moreover touch the sky while explore Egypt and it’s amazing landmarks and more with Egypt Jordan Tour.

Combining archeological site, magnificent beaches while traveling to Egypt on the budget price, Cheap Holidays to Egypt offers the variety of Cheap Egypt Tours to Cairo, Hurghada and Luxor, Save money and feel luxury while scout around the major Cairo attractions like Giza Pyramids, entertain with sunny beaches of Hurghada and more with Egypt Budget Tours.

Ibis Egypt Tours offering Red Sea Holidays where you can enjoy snorkeling, diving on red sea holidays all inclusive, take the chance to escape the crowds, tucking into spectacular islands like Mahmya and Tiran Island, snorkel at crystal pure water, explore underwater life and coral reefs, With Red Sea Travel head out towards Sinai desert where you get the opportunity to discover Colored Canyons, St Catherine Monastery and more with Red Sea Tours.

Experience an amazing adventure in Safari Egypt, Egypt is home to some of the exciting safari experience in the Middle East, With Egypt Desert Safari feel ravishing while combine culture with fascinating landscapes and get the chance to explore Bahariya and Siwa Oasis, Then with Safari in Egypt head out towards The White and Black deserts, moreover stare at inspiring sites in Kharga, Dakhla Oasis and more with Ibis Egypt Tours.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience Honeymoon Packages where you will be able to have a memorable moments at your Egypt Honeymoon Packages, moreover marvel at Egypt attractions landmarks like Giza Pyramids, stare at glory of Karnak and Luxor Temple, enjoy Egypt Honeymoon with relaxing at Red Sea sunny beaches, then get the chance to enjoy new wedding party called Zaffa, Egypt has always lured honeymooners in search of romance and Romantic Honeymoon so don’t miss this chance.

Ibis Egypt Tours offering Short Breaks to Egypt, Definitely you can live the experience for few days while exploring the ravishing Cairo city, walk through the fascinating Alexandria beach, date back to the time of ancient Egyptian at Luxor and more Egypt Short Tours which provide you with memorable moments at your Egypt City Breaks.

Spiritual Journey to Egypt, Have you tried Spiritual Tours to Egypt? Experience Spiritual meditation Tours to Egypt, it is a unique tour, Experience Meditation Holidays with Ibis Egypt Tours. Unleash you're inner with Spiritual Vacations to Egypt, choose our Egypt Spiritual Tour and discover secrets of ancient Egyptians, feast your eyes and soul with spiritual meditation tours to Egypt.

Ibis Egypt Tours present you a gift of travel to best holy land destination in Middle with proffesional services and many sightseeing between holy land countries. Get ready for full entertainment during your Holy Land Tours with Ibis Egypt Tours