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Spiritual Tours to Egypt
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Spiritual Journey to Egypt, Have you tried Spiritual Tours to Egypt? Experience Spiritual meditation Tours to Egypt, it is a unique tour, Experience Meditation Holidays with Ibis Egypt Tours. Unleash you're inner with Spiritual Vacations to Egypt, choose our Egypt Spiritual Tour and discover secrets of ancient Egyptians, feast your eyes and soul with spiritual meditation tours to Egypt.

Egypt Meditation Package

Cairo, Luxor, Aswan

Egypt Meditation Package, Choose Spiritual Meditation Package and learn more about ancient Egypt and Meditation, feast your soul while meditate at the King chambre of Cheops at the Pyramids area, Travel to Aswan and Enjoy Nile Cruise, visit the most...

11 Days
Private Tour

Meditation Tours to Cairo and luxor, Experience cairo and luxor Spiritual Tours, scout Pyramids of Giza, Enjoy cheops Pyramid Meditation Tour, Feel the Energy at King Chamber of Cheops,...

6 Days
Private Tour
Special Offer

Land of I Am

Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Fayoum, Abu Simbel

Experience Egyptian Spirituality with Ibis Egypt Tours through amazing and wonderful Egypt Spiritual Tours  , enjoy meditation in Egypt through wonderful  Aswan Nile Cruise and discover the healing energies while visiting Isis Temple , Satat Temple ,  Edfu and Kom Ombo Temple ,...

14 Days
Private Tour

Join our Spiritual Meditation Tour to Cairo, Nile Cruise and Dahab on 15th of April 2016, Experience Meditation tour to Cairo, Nile Cruise and Dahab, Amuse your soul by visiting King Chamber of Cheops, be ready for...

11 Days
Special offer