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   Have best experience about Egypt with best Prices with Ibis Egypt Tours through our Cheap Holidays to Egypt. You have the chance to explore Egypt attractions through best vacations to explore Luxor Sightseeing, Cairo attractions and Alexandria landmarks, also you have the Opportunity to explore the beauty of the Red Sea through an amazing trips in Hurghada .

    Build a wonderful memory about Egypt history through best Egypt cheap Tours with best Prices in Egypt, you have the opportunity to explore Luxor attractions like Luxor Temple which had been build through the Old Kingdom and dedicated to Triad of Thebes Amoun, Mut and Khonsu. Explore The Colonnade of King Amenhotep III and feast your eyes with beauty of the Columns then Scout to explore Karnak temple that have Collection of Temples Cause many Kings had shared in the Building of Karnak Temple which dedicated to Amoun Ra. Also you have to explore the 10 Pylons of the Temple that had built in different axis, then explore The Hypostyle Hall that Contains about 134 Column in different axis. Also you have the opportunity to explore Hatshepsut Temple which dedicated to Queen Hatshepsut at El Deir El Bahari which Contains a beautiful decorations for Punt Journey.

       Have the Chance to explore Aswan and Abu Simbel temples in best Cheap Holidays to Egypt, explore Aswan sightseeing like the unfinished Obelisk which dates back to The New Kingdom and belongs to Queen Hatshepsut. You can explore the temple of Philae which belongs to The Egyptian Goddess Isis mother of god Hours and wife of Osiris. then have explore The great high Dam which had been built by the Egyptian People in 1960, explore Abu Simbel Temple that built by Ramses II, explore The most famous Temple of Abu Simbel of King Ramses II which contains beautiful decorations for Kadesh Battle, also you can explore The Small temple of Nefertari who is the royal wife of King Ramses II, feast your eyes with the great decorations which show the queen with many gods.

   Amuse yourself and enjoy amazing tours to explore Edfu and Kom Ombo through a wonderful Nile cruise in best Cheap Holidays to Egypt, after exploring Luxor you will Sail to Edfu Temple which belongs to Hours the Falcon and Consider as the second huge temple after Karnak Temple, then you can Continue Sailing to Kom Ombo to explore Kom Ombo Temple, with this spend wonderful time while visiting to this Double Shared Temple Of Kom Ombo that dedicated to two gods Hours The Elder the Falcon god and Sobek The Crocodile god.

     Don’t miss the Chance to explore Charm and beauty of Red Sea through an amazing Vacation in Cheap Holidays to Egypt in Hurghada where you have the chance to build an unforgettable memory in best Cheap Holidays to Egypt. Enjoy Snorkeling tours in Giftun Island or Mahmya Island to explore the hidden secrets of underwater life to feast your eyes with Colorful fish and Coral reefs which is well known in Red Sea.

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