Dakhla Oasis Attractions

Dakhla Oasis

Dakhla Oasis

Egypt Oasis attract large number of tourists last years for its pure weather, natural beauty and mysterious of civilization found there, Dakhla Oasis consider the attractive oasis in Egypt concerning it fascinating springs, approximately about 500 hot springs, moreover be witness with the glory of Bir Al-Gebel Hot Spring, be astonishment with the relaxed atmosphere of Bir Tarfawi, as well as charming mud-brick housing and ruins in the medieval town and village of Al-Qasr and Balat.

Scout the mysterious finds of the town of Mut at Dakhla Oasis, which date back to Pharaonic civilization, Stroll along the narrow streets and alleyways of the old town with a guide, haggle with local traders or go cycling in Mut and tour the area at your own pace.

When you travel to Dakhla enjoy relaxation at spa ad luxury lodge, because of that people recognized Dakhla Oasis as relaxation spa holidays for whom want to escape the crowds, seeking for free their mind and feel peace, There was a large lake here, and on its southern shores were also human communities. However, as with most of the rest of the Western Desert, this wet era passed, and with it many of the people mostly migrated south and to the east, where they helped populate the early Nile Valley, as the sands slowly covered their ancient way of life.

In the beginning of Egypt's Old Kingdom, Dakhla Oasis have geographical importance, which was had link between Darb al-Tawil and the Nile Valley, Explore the palace of Pepi II, Of course, all of the oasis were difficult to control, though we have records from the Nile Valley of taxes collected in wine, fruit, minerals and woven products from both Kharga and Dakhla.