Farafra Oasis Attractions

Farafra Oasis

Farafra Oasis

Egypt include plenty of Oasis, each one of them has his own personality make it glorious and attractive, there Oasis characterized with its modernized and others with its historical mystery, from among other Farafra Oasis consider the most isolated oasis in the Western Desert, according to its natural desert, unusual chalky rock formations, Farafra Oasis is remarkable place for desert adventure seekers.

Farafra is located western desert under the governorate of al wadi el gadid, treat yourself to be pampered while relax and rewind at Bir Sitta hot spring, stare at Qasr Al Farafra, During your stay, you’ll also have the chance to see local arts and crafts and buy items like; sweaters, socks and scarves knitted out of camel and sheep wool from locals.

Scout around the mysterious parts of Egyptian Desert while traveling to Farafra, feel ravishing while explore Farafra people traditions and culture, It is famous for its unique magic and because the oasis can be the start point for many interesting tours in the Western desert of Egypt like to the white desert, the black desert the Crystal Mountains.

Walkthrough the capital of Farafra which known as Qasr Farafra, it is small city with small population, approximately around 200 people, tourists came to Farfara according to its calm weather, to stare at the stars at night, People from the United States and from Europe come to the Oasis to escape the cold weather in their homeland. They also visit the Farafra to enjoy the wonders of the Western Desert.